About Us

Jennifer is a consultant for an IT consulting company.  She recently completed her MBA, focusing on brand management and international business.  She is the proud owner of a four-year-old Golden Retriever named Maddy.  Raised in Des Moines, she now lives in St. Paul, Minnesota.  She and her husband, Scott, married on April 30, 2011!
Jennifer writes two blogs.  A Self-Confessed Foodie focuses on food-related topics.  Jennifer shares recipes, restaurant and product reviews, entertaining tips, and tales of her experiences in the kitchen!  She loves feeding people and frequently uses her friends and colleagues as guinea pigs.
Her other blog, Today is my Someday allows her to write about a wider variety of topics.  Today is my Someday is about seizing the day, trying new things or experiences and not putting anything off until that elusive “someday” comes around.
When not traveling for work, Jennifer enjoys reading, scrapbooking and crafting, playing with Maddy, traveling for fun, learning languages, fencing and is trying to learn to take better photographs.  She especially loves to travel to Europe and was lucky enough to earn her master’s degree from Cambridge University in England.  She enjoys helping with the youth fencing program at the Twin Cities Fencing Club and borrows the children of friends whenever they’re willing to loan them out.
Jennifer can be reached by email and found on Twitter.